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domestic landscapes

These 9x12 paintings have as subject matter objects close at hand. No people appear in the paintings, but evidence of them abounds: the dripping wet bathing suit just hung to dry, the sandals abandoned in the bathroom, the red jacket hung in the studio. The choice of subject matter–everyday as it is–was meaningful to me, and motivated my painting. When I first placed the striped dress on the striped bed, it took my breath away. These were paintings I was excited to make.

self portraits

Paintings are 12x9 or 14x11, oil on panels. The more recent ones, which come first, use thicker paint and more saturated colors. The drawings are roughly 11x15, graphite and charcoal on paper. The idea of the drawing project was to make 100 drawings of myself wearing a variety of eyeglasses. My artist friend Ilona Anderson suggested it and I still have a ways to go.

shoe portraits

Most are 15x22, painted in oil on gessoed paper. My favorite models are the pink satin Thom McAn heels that I bought at Goodwill. Shoes evoke memories. The pink ones surely were part of something important to the wearer.

tools in color

Mostly 16x20, painted in oil on panels. The subjects are grubby, aluminum power tools illuminated with colored light. The color attaches meanings not ordinarily present, sometimes exaggerating the danger of the tool, sometimes the opposite.


The squares are 36x36, painted in oil on panels or canvas. The rectangles are 16x20, in oil on canvas or linen. Some of the scenes are recognizable as places on outer Cape Cod, some could be anywhere near the shore. The vertical paintings are large farm-scapes, 72x40, painted in oil on panels. I painted them from photos taken out of a small plane careening around at dusk over central Minnesota. The unusual point of view, first only an expedient to showing more of the fields, adds an eerie quality to the patterns below. | 617.513.6168